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Why Transfer Your Analog Media?

VHS/VHS-C/Video8/Hi8/Digital8 MiniDV Tapes & 8mm/Super 8 Film Reels:

We all have that closet in our homes full of our old VHS tapes and film reels, just collecting dust. Did you know that the film inside of those tapes/film reels degrades over time, even if you don't play them? So don't wait until it's too late that your tapes and films become unplayable and lost forever.

Film Reels
VHS-C Tapes
VHS Tapes

Photograph Prints/Slides 35mm, 110, & 126:

Most of us are guilty of stashing photos and slides away in an old shoe box under the bed. Don't let those items become torn, bent or mistakenly thrown out like yesterdays news. Let's get them out of the shoe box and onto your flat-screen TV or mobile phone!

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