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BucelliTransfers was created to provide a professional service for the average person that owns a large collection of home memories but doesn't have the time, money or resources to properly digitize themselves.


The idea started when we were looking for a solution to transfer our own family's old VHS tapes, MiniDVD disks and photo prints to a digital format. We worried that if we waited to long, time might destroy our cherished family items. These products tend to degrade over time, accidentally be thrown away or destroyed completely in a home disaster.


We found that many of the online services for converting these items were either very inconvenient or too expensive. The most popular service we found would have had us send in a pre-packaged box with all of our items. We found it very limiting because they had a maximum limit of 40 items per box, with each box costing upward of $1,100. We had 200 plus items! It would have cost us $4,800 just to convert our VHS tapes! Additionally we had dozens of MiniDVD's and thousands of photographs that needed to be transferred. This option was just way to expensive for us to afford.


So we took matters into our own hands. We sought out the correct technology, old and new, to tackle the many different formats on which we had our home movies recorded. We have extensive, professional experience in managing large media projects, containing hours of footage and the know how to organize them.


Today we now offer our tried and true results to you. Our team provides a professional, affordable, convenient service with a flat-fee, free "limited time" offer home pickup/delivery and no limit on the size of your collection. Some things are too important to lose.


Let us help.


Let us preserve your memories, forever.



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