How Our Process Works:

Pickup & First Payment:

Once we have spoken about your interest to transfer your old analog media, we will set up a pick up time to come collect your memories. Please have all items stored in a container, ready to be moved. Half of your payment is due up front. We accept cash, check, Paypal & Venmo. You will be given a sales order receipt, that we will sign, upon pickup showing be took possession your items. Not local to NJ/PA area? Contact us for shipping details.

Processing Time:

Now that we have obtained your media we will begin the process of transferring your media to a digital format. We have a speedy turnaround time for all customers. This time frame varies per customer and per the quantity of the order.


We take the utmost care with your items. We professionally convert, organize and label them. You are only charged, per item, if actual footage is found. Blank or copyrighted material will not be transferred or charged. It will be labeled as "blank" or "copyrighted" and returned alongside the rest of your items to be disposed of at the customer's discretion.

What You Get Back:

We have options for you to receive your digital files:

  • We can upload your digital files onto a Flash drive, for an additional price, starting at 16GB for $8.

  • We can create a customized DVD (one per tape) for an additional $9.99. Video tapes are each put on their own DVD discs (not combined).

  • If you have an external hard drive you would like us to store your files on, we can use that provided it has the correct memory capacity, at no additional charge. Please give us the drive when we first pickup your items.

  • If you already have a online cloud subscription (iCloud, Google Drive, etc) you would like us to use, we can use your account to upload your files, at no additional charge.


  • If you have neither of the above, we can provide you assistance. We can help you in signing up for a online cloud subscription or purchasing an external hard drive, at an additional cost, see our detailed What You Get Back list in the pricing selection.

Additional info for all orders:

  • Your files will be organized and labeled to the best of our ability.

  • Click here for a detailed summary about your file security.

  • Examples of what you will receive back : VHS & Photo.

  • Understanding VHS Head-Switching Noise on non-DVD formats.


Delivery & Final Payment:

We will contact you as soon as we have completed the process of transferring your media. We will work with you to set up a delivery time, upon which, the remainder of your payment will be due. You will be given an invoice, that we both will sign, upon delivery.

Enjoy Your Memories!

Sit back, relax and enjoy your new digital media on an assortment of devices and screens for years to come!

"We thank you!" - BucelliTransfers

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