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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Why should I digitalize my media?
    Your family memories are priceless. Tapes break down and become damaged, photographs and slides get bent and torn. The best way to preserve these items are to digitalize them so you and your family can enjoy them in future.
  • Why is BucelliTransfers my best option for digitizing my home movies videotapes, photos and slides?
    Here at BucelliTransfers we pride ourselves on professionalism. We want to provide you with a service that our own family members can rely on. We use the most appropriate technology to bring you the very best results we can, in a timely manner.
  • How much does it cost to digitize older analog media?
    We provide a simple and affordable option. Currently it is: $24.99 per/videotape, $.49 per photo, $.79 per slide, $.79 per negative, $19.99 per cassette tape, $19.99 per cassette tape per DVD/MiniDVD and $14.99 per floppy disk/storage media. You pick how you get your files back. We mostly recommend a USB thumb-drive (size/price vary per amount of tapes) See our Pricing page for more. We also offer a bulk photo/slide discount, click here.
  • How do I pay for my order? What methods of payment do you accept?
    We require half of the order amount be paid at the start of your order and the remainder is due when the order is complete. We accept cash or check.
  • Is BucelliTransfers safe? I'm worried about parting with my items.
    We will treat your media as if it were our own memories to preserve. From the time we pick up your items, every step is taken with the utmost care. We handle every item gently and monitor the progress of all active projects. If there is ever an issue with your items we will contact you immediately before we proceed. When your order is complete, your items will be carefully collected for transport and delivered back to you.
  • What happens to my media files during and after the process?
    This is directly quoted from our Private Policy: "When your media files are converted to digital files they are stored on a password protected, secure, private system. Security is of the utmost importance to ensure the safe storage and transfer of your future files. After your media has been successfully digitized, we will move a copy of all your files onto your preferred delivery method (portable flash drive, external hard-drive or cloud subscription). We will continue to host a copy of your files on our secure storage to ensure you have a temporary back up while you regain and organize your files. After an amount of time, we will fully and securely wipe all of your media off of our private drives. "Please insure that everything is to your satisfaction and stored properly on your end, prior to this, because after we securely delete your files it will be impossible for us to regain access to those files again without starting the transfer process over."
  • Is there a limit on how many items I can get digitalized?
    There is no limit on how large your collection is, which is why we have a flat-fee. Most video conversion companies have a very small limit on how many items they can recieve because you have to send them a prepaid mailer box stuffed your tapes.
  • Where is the pick-up area for BucelliTransfers?
    We currently provide a "limited time" free pickup and delivery to all customers. Our areas of operations range within a 45 minutes area of zipcode: 08009. We will work with you to set up a pickup/delivery date.
  • I am not local to BucelliTransfers area pick-up, can I ship it?"
    Absolutely! Please contact us so we can put together a shipping order for you.
  • What is the turnaround time on my order?
    This depends on the customers collection size. We can provide a more exact timetable when we inventory your order.
  • Will I get back my original tapes, photo prints, slides and/or negatives?"
    Yes, all original items are labeled throughout the process of conversion and are returned to the customer upon completion of the order. Any media not playable or copyrighted will be returned to the customer, no charge.
  • What formats does BucelliTransfers accept?
    The following formats are accepted: Videotapes: VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, & MiniDV Tapes Photo prints (Up to 8.5″x11″) Slides (Mounted 35mm, 126 & 110) Negative Film (Color & B/W) Compact Cassette Tapes DVD/MiniDVD's Floppy Diskettes/Storage Media
  • Do you provide editing or enhancements to my media?
    At this time we do not offer any custom editing for either your videos or audio. We do however include cropping, exposure correction & proper rotation on all images. Select scanned slides/negatives may go though a process called "iSRD® Infrared Dust and Scratch Removal". Our scanners use an infrared light, which is able to help detect/remove some dust, hairs, finger prints and/or scratches. Please note that not all defects can be removed, varies per image. We now offer 'After Transfer Services', which includes Basic Photo Restoration, Photo Colorization and Advanced Photo Restoration. Be ask us about details or see our Pricing page!
  • Half of my stuff is not labeled. How does that work?
    Most old media isn't properly labeled over the years. Depending on how you give us your items is how we will sort them. As an example... A single VHS tape will become single digital video file, a box of photos will be combined into one single, digital folder. We will take each item and label them accordingly to a digital file name (Example: Tape #1.mp4) . Unless you specifically notify us on how you would like your items organized, we cannot guarantee that they will be in any particular order. We will combine everything you give us into one single, digital folder. After we complete the process you will recieve your files (either on a flash drive, external hard-drive or through a online cloud service). When you get your items and files back, everything is editable on your computer so your can reorganize and rename your memories exactly how you would like them.
  • I have boxes of photos. What happens if I have doubles mixed in?
    Although we try to monitor as much as we can, we cannot catch every double print. All submitted photos will go through the process of being scanned. Please go through your collections and remove any double prints prior to submission.
  • The video files I got back from my tapes have borders/noise on them! Is this a mistake?
    There is no need to worry, this is called "head switching noise". The video files you got back are supposed to have these... let us explain how it works. Most VCR's were designed for analog NTSC, which were shown "under scanned", on the TV sets of the day. This had the added benefit of hiding the video defects such as VCR head switching noise. ​ Now that our present day TV and computer screens are all "over scanned" you can now see the entire frame, including those past video defects. Our capture and transfer process involves a straight, 1:1 transfer, we do not edit any video, so the quality of the digital files you receive should be as close as possible to the native quality of the original media. ​ Our equipment captures the entire frame instead of cutting off the image like a TV would. The head-switching noise will be visible on the MP4 files (on your flash drives, external hard drives or cloud subscriptions).
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